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Apply for a loan via Sortter. Find an affordable loan offer with one easy, free-of-charge loan application. Find an unsecured loan for your needs, whether you are embarking on a renovation, buying a new car, or consolidating your loans. Borrow up to €60,000.

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The loan period can be 1–15 years, the loan sum can be €1,000–€60,000, and the interest rate can be 4–20%. Example: If the loan sum is €15,000, the interest rate is 6 %, and the repayment period is 8 years, the setup fee is €0, the account management fee is €5/month, the monthly repayment is €202, the sum repayable is €4,404, and the annual percentage rate of interest is 6,89 %.
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Car loan


An unsecured car loan can be a less expensive way of financing a car than a financing agreement with a car dealership or your own bank. You can also use a car loan to buy a used car or import a car. Also suitable for financing motorcycles.
Consolidating loans

Consolidating loans

Consolidate your existing loans, credit card debts, or part-payment agreements into a single loan. When you consolidate your debts, the loan expenses usually go down, leaving you with more money in your pocket.
Renovation loan


Renovations make for a more comfortable home and boost the value of your home. Take out a renovation loan, whether you are commissioning renovations or doing the work yourself.
Loan for businesses


In business, situations can often arise where the company needs external financing. A business loan is a great way of addressing this financing need. Apply for an unsecured business loan of up to €250,000.
Flexible credit

Flexible loan

Flexible credit is an unsecured credit account allowing you to withdraw money up to the agreed credit limit. Flexible credit is paid off monthly. You can also repay the loan early to reduce the credit costs.
Consumer credit

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is a one-time loan, which is granted to individuals as a loan for purchases or consumption. You do not need any collateral or guarantors for consumer credit, as it is an unsecured loan.

Find an affordable loan offer

Whatever your borrowing needs, it is our job to find you an affordable loan and the best financing offer from the banks and lenders in the comparison.

We know that loan interest rates and costs vary, and comparing loans can be hard work. As one of Finland’s most comprehensive loan comparison services, we are constantly working to find you the most affordable loan from financing offers made by dozens of banks and lenders.

Apply for up to €60,000 with a suitable monthly repayment

Apply for a loan to suit your needs, from €1,000 to €60,000. Apply for a loan on your terms, with your desired loan sum and repayment schedule. You can select a repayment period to meet your needs, from 1 to 15 years. 

The Sortter loan service lets you decide what to use the money for and how much you want to repay each month. 

Select the monthly repayment that suits your finances by adjusting the length of the loan period in the loan calculator. A long loan period reduces the monthly repayment sum, but you will accrue interest over a longer period, even if the interest rate on the loan is low. 

A suitable monthly repayment is scaled to suit your finances so that it is easy for you to pay, even if you need to spend a little extra on surprising outgoings in some months. If you wish, you can always repay your loan in larger instalments than originally agreed – this will reduce the amount of interest you pay to the bank.

Obtain competitive loan offers on the Sortter online service

Sortter – a Finnish online service – makes it easy to obtain competitive loan offers.

Comparing loans using Sortter is:

  • free of charge – it is always free for you to apply for loan offers
  • quick – you will receive the first loan offers immediately
  • easy – apply online and reach dozens of lenders with a single application
  • secure – we only work with reliable banks and financial institutions

Our customers' interest is the most important thing to us. We follow the principles of fair loan comparison. We make sure that you get the most affordable loan offers in our comparison.

Comparison makes it quick to find the best loan

Our comparison makes it quick to find the best loan, as we arrange loans in price order, from lowest to highest, according to the annual percentage rate of interest. We always recommend the cheapest possible loan, but we leave the decision up to you. When you compare loans on our service, you will see the interest rates and total costs of every loan offer in an easy-to-read list. 

Sortter makes it quick and secure to apply for loans and compare loan offers. We will help you obtain a personal credit decision and interest rate offer from dozens of banks and financial institutions as soon as you send your application. This ensures that an affordable loan can be found from dozens of lenders quickly and without filling in any extra applications.

We are confident you will find an affordable loan on our service. We follow the principles of fair loan comparison and make sure that you get the most affordable loan offers in our comparison.

Loans are granted without collateral or guarantors

The banks included in the comparison grant loans without collateral or guarantors. Unsecured loans are quicker to grant than secured loans – they can generally be granted as soon as an application is sent. You do not need to ask your relatives to guarantee your loan; the bank will grant you money to spend and trust you to repay the loan without requiring a guarantee. 

When you apply for an unsecured loan, the bank’s lending decision is based on your solvency, so it is not necessary to appraise the value of your home, investments or savings in order to receive a loan offer. 

Loan offers are always personalised to every customer

It is our job to look for the best-value loans for our customers. That is why we seek personal loan offers for each individual. We can help you obtain loan offers that take your specific circumstances into consideration. 

In order to make sure you can find an affordable loan and a low rate of interest, fill in the application with care and provide the most accurate information that you can. 

If possible, we recommend applying for a loan together with another person, known as a co-applicant. It is not necessary to have a co-applicant for your loan, but banks can grant lower rates of interest when two people are liable for repaying the loan. 

Lower interest means lower loan costs, so you will have more money to spend on other expenses or for savings.

Having interest offers tailored to every customer individually ensures the best possible loan conditions and excludes the possibility of finding the same loan more cheaply elsewhere.

Loans quickly and securely – only reliable banks and financial institutions included in the comparison

Our loan service enables you to apply for a loan just as securely as you would with the bank directly. Our system has been built in compliance with the strictest information security practices, and we never disclose your information for any purpose other than the essential stages of obtaining loan offers. All your information is processed in an encrypted environment, and you always need to go through strong authentication with your online banking ID or a mobile certificate before you can take out a loan.

We work with reliable banks and financing companies supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority or the Regional State Administrative Agency. Banks can offer our customers loans on better terms than are available elsewhere because our service makes them compete with each other for your custom by making better loan offers.

You will see the interest rates, costs, repayment schedule, and the other important financing terms of your loan offers in the form of a fair breakdown. Loan offers are always presented without any small print or complicated financial terminology. This makes it easy to compare loans, so you can apply for a loan safely, without any nasty surprises. 

Get a loan decision quickly – but fill in the application with care

Our partners almost always make loan decisions as soon as you send your application. Loan decisions are made according to the information on your application and data retrieved from external databases. 

Banks check details in external databases, such as customers’ addresses, credit ratings, and any late payments or delinquent loans, when they make lending decisions. Information may also be obtained from other sources, such as banks’ customer registers. 

Automatic decision-making enables loans to be obtained quickly, but it means that the loan application must be filled in very carefully. By completing the loan application as precisely as possible, you can ensure that banks can make their best loan offers and propose the cheapest possible terms. 

Our comparison presents loan offers as soon as we receive a response from the banks. Responses generally come quickly, and you will begin to see loan offers within a few minutes. 

We arrange the loans in price order according to the annual percentage rate of interest, making it quick and easy for you to choose the best option. 

Sortter’s loan comparison is one of Finland’s most comprehensive

Sortter’s loan comparison includes more than 20 banks and lenders, making Sortter one of Finland’s most comprehensive comparison services.

For customers, this comprehensive coverage translates into a diverse service with a wide range of loans for comparison. All you need to do is fill in one loan application, and you will receive up to dozens of loan offers. You can then choose the best offer for you. It is much easier to compare loans when there is a wide range on offer.

Sortter is committed to finding affordable loan offers for its customers. That is why we endeavour to improve our service constantly and expand the number of banks included in the comparison. 

Choose the best type of loan for your needs

Lots of different terminology is used for loans, and banks may use several different names for very similar types of loans. 

However, loans can be usually divided into a few main categories, as follows: 

  • Consumer credit
  • Flexible credit
  • Consolidated loan

Consumer credit is also known as a one-time loan

Consumer credit is a loan that is transferred to a consumer’s bank account. Other names are also used to refer to consumer credit, such as a general-purpose loan, one-time loan or private loan.

You can use these loans however you want. For example, you can use them to make purchases, for renovations or to buy a vehicle. The repayment schedule for consumer credit is agreed in advance, and it is usually 1–15 years. Consumer credit is either secured or unsecured.

Unsecured consumer credit can be remitted to your account on the day of application, while secured consumer loans normally take much longer to process.

Flexible credit – the credit limit determines the amount of credit

Flexible credit refers to a credit limit granted by a bank or financing company. Up to the agreed credit limit, the consumer can withdraw loan capital according to their needs. This is, therefore, a standing credit agreement, as opposed to the one-off nature of consumer credit. Flexible credit is usually an unsecured type of credit, and it may also be known by other names, such as a flexible loan, account credit or overdraft.

The size of the flexible credit repayment is generally tied to the granted credit limit or the amount of credit in use. Like consumer credit, flexible credit is usually used to make large purchases, but flexible credit can also be used to withdraw smaller loan sums to a bank account. When repayments are made, the repaid capital is freed up to be withdrawn again, up to the agreed credit limit. 

Consolidated loans help you pay off old debts

Consolidated loans are intended for combining smaller loans, consumer credit, part-payment agreements or credit card debts. Depending on the bank, the consolidated loan capital will either be transferred to the consumer’s account or used to pay off old loans on behalf of the customer. 

The repayment schedule for a consolidated loan is usually 1–15 years, and the instalments are agreed in advance. Other terms may also be used for loan consolidation, such as loan arrangement. Loan consolidating is also an option when you need to apply for a new loan for a purpose such as making a major purchase. In such cases, you should apply for one loan that brings the financing of the planned purchase and the consolidation of the old loans under a single loan agreement. 

It is also a good idea to request competitive offers for your old loans regularly. You might be able to receive a better financing offer for your existing debts.

Applying for a loan – apply for a loan straight away, even in the evening or at the weekend

You can apply for a loan whenever it suits you, even in the evening after office hours or at the weekend. Often, you will receive a loan decision as soon as you have sent your application, so you will be able to compare the offers sent by different banks. Our service always compares loans according to the annual percentage rate of interest, and all the loan costs are clearly visible.

When you have chosen the loan that suits you best, you can sign a loan agreement whenever you want to – either as soon as you receive an offer or after you have given the matter more in-depth consideration. 

If you need a loan to be paid into your account quickly, bear in mind that many banks and financial institutions only transfer money to customers’ accounts on banking days after a loan agreement is signed. The comparison will also show which lenders are able to transfer money into your account exceptionally quickly – some can transfer money in the evening or at the weekend. 

Looking for a loan with a low interest rate and fee structure?

A low-interest loan is a bank’s way of showing its confidence in you. Interest makes up most of the cost of a loan. The more confident banks are in your ability to repay the borrowed money, the lower the interest rate will be on the loan – whether you are applying for a secured or unsecured loan.

However, a low interest rate does not necessarily mean you have found the cheapest loan overall. Loans and credit agreements may come with setup or handling fees in addition to interest, so it is worth considering these when you are looking for financing to suit your budget. 

The annual percentage rate of interest includes all the loan costs

Lenders may charge other fees or expenses in addition to the interest on the loan. Rather than looking at the headline rate of interest, it is a good idea to compare the annual percentage rates if you are looking for the best loan with the lowest overall costs. 

The annual percentage rate of interest includes all the expenses related to the loan. In other words, it takes into consideration all the other fees and expenses as well as the interest. Banks may charge other fees of up to €150 per year in addition to interest. Such fees may include lean setup fees or monthly account management fees. 

When you compare loan offers from several banks and look at the loan conditions, you may notice major differences between the way different banks price their loans. Some banks offer loans at low headline interest rates, but the fees charged for the loan may be high. For this reason, it is important to compare loans based on the annual percentage rate of interest.

The annual percentage rate of interest facilitates the comparison of loans, and it is a comparable indicator between different banks. Choose your loan based on the annual percentage rate, and you can rest assured that you are not paying any unnecessary interest or handling fees – you will be choosing the bank that offers the best value loan.

Long repayment period: a loan with a lower monthly repayment but higher loan costs

Loans with long repayment periods could be attractive due to the low monthly repayment, but it is worth bearing in mind the overall costs accruing throughout the loan period. 

When you apply for a loan, one of the most important things is to decide on a suitable repayment period. Even loans with low interest rates will accrue more charges over longer repayment periods. 

The repayment schedule should be selected so as to repay the loan as quickly as possible while ensuring that you still have money available for other needs, as well as savings. For example, it should not be necessary to take out an additional loan to cover sudden expenses or holidays – it is a good idea to save money in case such needs arise. 

When you choose a loan period, it is also worth bearing in mind that you can always repay the loan more quickly or in larger instalments than originally agreed. In such cases, the costs accruing from the loan will be lower, as you will only pay interest and handling fees on the loan during the actual loan period. 

  • For example, a €5,000 loan will accrue interest and fees of about €492 over two years if the interest rate is 7% and the monthly account management fee is €5. The monthly repayment for this loan will be €228.86. 
  • With a slightly longer repayment period of three years, the same €5,000 loan will accrue interest and fees of approximately €783. Correspondingly, the monthly repayment if the loan period is one year longer will be €159.39 – almost €70 less than for a two-year loan period.

As the example above shows, it is important to compare the total cost of loans in addition to the annual percentage rate before you make a credit agreement. 

When you compare loans using Sortter, you will have a clear view of the annual percentage rate of interest and the total costs of the loans on offer. The total costs include all the fees accruing from the loan. In other words, they include the repayment of the loan principal, interest, and any setup or account management fees.

Loan repayment holidays easily displayed in the comparison

Many banks allow repayment holidays or interest-only months. Interest-only months add flexibility to the repayment of a loan, and there is no need to negotiate them in advance if interest-only months are included in the lender’s service range. 

However, there are generally a few important conditions attached to interest-only months: 

  • Loan repayments must have been made for at least a few months before an interest-only period can be granted.
  • The previous repayments must have been made on time. It may be difficult to get an interest-only period if you have been late in making loan repayments.
  • Interest-only periods are not usually granted for overdue loan repayments. If you need an interest-only month for your loan, it is advisable to contact the lender at the earliest opportunity.

If you apply for loan offers on the Sortter service, you will see the options that each bank offers for payment holidays or interest-only months alongside the loan offers you receive.

Loan offers can be signed using online banking IDs

It is secure and easy to accept a loan offer and sign the agreement using your banking IDs via our service.

The loan agreement will be made between you and your selected bank or financing company, and the money will then be transferred to your bank account. Loan repayments should be made to your selected bank or financial institution in the pre-agreed monthly instalments.

Loan paid straight into your account – even on the same day

Whether you are in urgent need of a loan or you have been planning your borrowing far in advance, it is a good idea to get competitive offers. When you compare loans on the Sortter service, the money will be transferred to your account quickly – sometimes even on the same day. 

Before the money is transferred, the bank may require you to provide proof of your reported income or pension. In order to have the loan paid into your account as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to look for these documents when you fill in your loan application. You can provide the necessary documents digitally using the bank’s own service once you have accepted a loan offer. 

Some banks may grant loans without this documentation, and this is mentioned along with the other loan conditions in the list of loan offers. 

The loan repayment schedule depends on the bank, but all of our partners will transfer the loan to your account within two business days. The comparison includes a mention of the banks that pay loans to customer accounts exceptionally quickly – generally within a few hours. 

Regular income and good financial records required for receiving loan offers

You can apply for a loan using our service if you meet the following requirements:

  • over 18 years old
  • permanently resident in Finland
  • regular income or a pension
  • an account at a Finnish bank
  • good financial records without defaults

Please note that banks make lending decisions based on an overall assessment of the applicant. For example, some banks may require a higher income or a longer employment history. The age limits for granting credit also vary from one bank to another. When you use the Sortter loan service, we always ask all our partners to make a lending decision, provided that it is possible to borrow from such partners. This enables you to compare a wide range of credit offers and select the option that suits you best.

Flexible loan repayment

You can apply for a loan of up to €60,000 according to your needs, and the repayment period can be from 1 to 15 years. 

Loans are easy to repay in predictable monthly instalments, which include principal repayments, interest, and any handling fees. You will pay the loan back directly to the bank or financial institution that granted it.

If you wish, you can repay the loan in larger monthly instalments than originally agreed or pay off the loan in full before the end of the loan period. In these cases, the total cost of the loan will be lower.

Select a suitable monthly repayment, send your application, and choose an affordable loan from among several offers!

Frequently asked questions about loans

A loan is a credit or debt agreement between two parties. The agreement involves a bank or financial institution giving a pre-agreed sum of money to the borrower to use. The borrower pays the loan back to the bank or financing company according to the terms of the agreement.

The key content of the loan agreement may, for example, look like this:

  • Loan amount: €10,000
  • Loan period: 36 months
  • Monthly repayment: €313.77
  • Interest rate: 7%
  • Account management fee: €5 per month
  • Total cost of the loan: €1,295.72
  • Annual percentage rate: 8.39%

A loan like the one in the example is typically unsecured, and it is not necessary to have a guarantor to secure repayment.

Other common types of loan or credit include credit cards, part-payment agreements, mortgages, and car financing.

Before you apply for a loan, we recommend you review your own financial situation. If you know your regular income and expenses, it is easier to fit the potential loan into your budget. Before you send your application, calculate how much of your existing savings you want to use to finance your planned purchase and how much external financing you need. When you calculate this, take into account any future expenses, such as replacing your car, renovating your home, or going on holiday.

The loan should be in proportion with your finances so that you are able to repay it according to the agreed schedule, and you still have enough money left over for living, hobbies, sudden minor expenses, and savings.

A realistic assessment of your income and expenses will help you identify a suitable loan amount and loan period. Calculate your own debt servicing capacity realistically, taking into account the following expenses at a minimum:

  • Regular monthly income
  • Cost of living: rent or mortgage payments, as well as any service charges 
  • Other ongoing expenses, such as electricity, water, insurance and telecommunications charges
  • Cost of mobility: public transport tickets or car-related expenses
  • Food and clothing costs for the family
  • Hobbies or daycare fees
  • Healthcare charges

When you know how much you need to borrow and how much you would like to repay each month, you are ready to get competitive offers for loans. We can help you obtain loan offers from dozens of banks and financial institutions free of charge and with no commitments.

Every offer clearly breaks down the interest rate, annual percentage rate, and any setup or handling fees. We recommend the most affordable loan, but we leave the decision up to you. As a user of our service, you decide which loan offer to accept.

You can apply for a loan on our service without collateral, and you do not need a guarantor. For larger unsecured loans of more than €25,000, we recommend filling in the application with a co-applicant, which will enable banks to offer loans more cheaply. The co-applicant could be an adult family member or cohabitant partner, for example.

When you compare loans, pay attention to the loan sum, loan period, and annual percentage rate of interest that each bank offers. We display the loan offers according to the annual percentage rate, making it as quick and easy as possible to choose the best loan on our service. 

You will also see the full sum repayable for each loan offer. This sum includes all the interest, handling fees, and principal repayments associated with the loan.

Some banks and financial institutions want to see proof of your declared income before they transfer the money into your account. You should take this into account during the application phase and enter your gross and net income in the same amounts as stated on your latest payslip or pension statement. If your income varies, you can state the average monthly amount. 

Once you have delivered the documentation and signed the loan agreement, the money will be paid into your account – in some cases, you may be able to receive it the same day! The list of loan offers you receive will clearly indicate which lenders can transfer money into your account exceptionally quickly. Similarly, you will also see which loans you can take out without supplying additional documentation.

We work with reliable, reputable banks and financial institutions

Our partners include POP Bank, ResursBank, Avida, Nordax Bank, Fellow Finance, Kaarna laina, Balanzia, Bigbank, and TF Bank. Our service also shows you the estimated interest rates for many other banks, such as OP, S-Bank, Instabank, Bank Norwegian, and Danske Bank.

All our partners are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority or the Regional State Administrative Agency.