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Read these (Terms) carefully before using Sortter Oy’s (Sortterus) services (Service). 

Access to and use of our services requires that you accept and comply with these Terms. These Terms concern all users and other person who have access to our Services. Our Service is free to you. 

By visiting our website and using our Service, you accept these Terms to be binding on you. If you do not accept these Terms or any part of them, you are not allowed to use our website.  

1.1       These Terms are applied to the our business relationship, and they specify in details our mutual obligations. 

1.2       Our business relationship is based on the following: 

-  data and notification you submitted as you registered as a user, and other notification and assurances that you have submitted to us; 

-  these Terms.

1.3       If any of the documents that are sent to you, once you have started to use our Service, contradicts these Terms, the content of this other document will take precedence. 

1.4       When you use our service, you and your potential co-applicant are considered to have accepted these Terms. 

Hereinafter, when we use the term ‘you’ (in its various forms), we also mean it to cover your co-applicant. 

1.5 By accepting the terms, you authorise us, at the time when you submit an application, to request loan offers or other offers related to other financing or insurance services on your behalf from our partners (referred hereinafter also with the terms bank, credit provider or loan provider). You will also accept that we will submit the data you have given or the data we have obtained from our partners regarding a loan application (or other service).

1.6       Finnish law is applied to the business relationship between you and Sortter. 

1.7       You are hereby submitting to us a specific and authorisation to immediately give you access to the Services described in these Terms, before the cancellation period specified in section 6.1. 

1.8       These Terms may be amended. We will strive to inform you in advance of any amendments to these Terms in advance. 

1.9     Notifications on amended Terms will be available on our website. The business relationship between you and us will be primarily conducted in Finnish. 

The words in bold typeface have the following meanings in these Terms: 

Sortter: Limited liability company, registered under Finnish law, whose business ID is 2954352-7, registered at Bulevardi 21, 00180 Helsinki. Sortter is registered in the Trade Register and its main scope of business is ‘other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding’.

Customer service: Support centre, tel. 09 8566 5550 and email address

EEA COUNTRIES: EU countries and Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. 

Frequently Asked Questions : means a document with questions and answers about the Service. You will find them on the website under FAQ

Online application: online form you must fill in to apply for a loan of other product offered by our partners. This is found on our website.

Service: online service on a loan and financing comparison and competitive tendering service loan application or saving) offered to you under this agreement and/or insurance products. 

Terms: refer to the terms concerning the services described in this document. 

We: Sortter Oy, as defined above. 

Website: commercial website currently at (or any other URL which we may notify about). 

You: refers to a person, or user, who now or in the future orders services that we offer. 

3.1       Our Services are available to natural persons, foundations, businesses and other organisations and charity organisations. 

3.2       If order for you to apply for products that we compare and request tenders for, you must fill in an application form. 

We reserve the right to interrupt the processing of your application immediately if we consider any conditions to be exceptional. Examples of such conditions: 

-  You do not fulfil our terms for checking your address 

-  We have reason to believe that you are someone else is using your data illegally or fraudulently 

-  You have at some point given us incorrect information 

-  You have refused or omitted to provide information we have requested or you failed to send us specific assurances or notifications 

-  You do not comply with these Terms in our business relationship, or 

-  Competent authorities are specifically requesting us to freeze your application. 


3.3       Our partners accept applicants only if they have a Finnish personal identity code and in possession with an appropriate identification method. Note that acceptance of your application is done on the basis of our parters’ own assessment. In order for you to submit a loan, financing or insurance application, you must be at least 18 years old.

3.4       If you want to submit an application, click on the appropriate button (such as “Loan offers”) on our website and follow the instructions that are given. If you want to apply for products provided by our partners, you must fill in all parts of the application form. 

3.5       Consent

You accept that a credit decision obtained on the basis of a loan application can be displayed on our website under “My offers”. 

You accept that we and/or the loan provider/credit institution will check or correct your credit details and that the details you submitted in your application form can be checked. 

You understand and accept that we do not make the credit decision regarding the product you have applied for. Credit decisions are made by one or more bank or our other partners. 

You authorise us to obtain information about the credit decision of the bank/credit provider in question and to obtain additional information from credit providers about their credit decision. You consent is required in order that we can carry out our task as a provider of comparison and tendering services.

Note that loan providers that work with us may in turn contact your employer or examine publicly available data to check the details you have provided.

We are not responsible for any losses resulting from Finnish or overseas legislation, government action, war, strike, lockout or similar event. Neither will we be responsible in other circumstances if normal care has not been observed. We will not be responsible for any indirect losses. 

When applying for a loan or other product, it is important that you always check carefully your own income and livings expenses in order to calculate a suitable monthly instalment or other payment arrangement in terms of the loan or other products you are applying for. 

Sortter will not be responsible for any losses that result from any incorrect information you have provided or if the Service has been misused. 

You accept that information related to the Service may be processed in the communication channels you have authorised (telephone, email). You are responsible for the data security of your own devices and their appropriate use.

Note that Sortter is not a party to any agreement between you and credit or insurance provider (bank, other financial institution or insurance company) and this agreement does not oblige you to accept any credit or insurance agreement. Sortter is not involved in preparing any credit or insurance agreement offers made to you, nor responsible for their content. If you accept a credit or insurance offer, the relevant agreement’s terms are specified between you and the service provider in question. Sortter is in no way responsible for obligations or losses resulting from an agreement between you and a credit or insurance provider.

By using our Services, such as visiting our website or applying for a loan, you confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy and that our existing privacy policy forms, in addition to these Terms, part of your agreement with us.

You accept that you we process your personal data for the purposes specified under these Terms and our privacy policy in accordance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 679/2016) and the Finnish Data Protection Act (1050/2018) and in order to fulfil our legal obligations. You can download your privacy policy from here: PRIVACY POLICY

We also store data on how you use our services. These include the application channel you use, the time when the application was submitted and the dates and subjects of any contacts with us. When you submit an application through the digital channels, we use cookies and other digital tools to optimise and monitor the search results so that we can offer a good and meaningful user experience. For additional information about our cookie policy, see here.

If you apply for a loan through us, we will submit necessary personal data relevant to your application to our partners that process your application and work together with us to provide the Service. Regarding our Service, these partner may in return submit to us information about the product offered to you and whether an agreement has been concluded. We or our partners may submit to you information subject to banking secrecy by email or via other electronic channels. Each partner is a controller on their part as regards your personal data for the purposes of processing your application. This is why you should read carefully our partners’ details on how they process personal data.

6.1       You have the right to cancel your agreement concerning an agreement based on these Terms within 14 days of accepting them (or after the receipt of these Terms, if you have chosen email or regular mail and the form of delivery, whichever occurs later). Note that you cannot cancel an application once it has been sent. Cancelling your consent will not affect the legality of processing that was received before the cancellation occurred. 

If you want to exercise your cancellation right, please contact customer service. The minimum requirement is that when contacting us, you indicate clearly your intention to cancel an agreement that is based on these Terms. 

6.2 Any complaints must be sent to the following address:  

6.2.1   We will attemp to process your complaint as soon as possible. If the matter is more challenging than normally, we will enter the information into our systems and make sure that your complaint is processed fully as soon as possible.

Finnish law is applied to these Terms and the business relationship between you and Sortter. If there is a dispute about the Terms between You and Sortter that cannot be resolved through negotiation, it will be resolved in the district court of your domicile, or if you prefer, the district court of Sortter’s domicile. If you do not live in Finland, any disputes are resolved in the district court of Sortter’s domicile. 

You also have the right to have any disputes arising from these Terms by means of resolved by alternative means, provided the dispute fulfils certain preconditions. We are committed to contributing to alternative dispute resolution in customer relationships and specified in the Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution (1696/2015). In Finland, consumer disputes are processed by: 

Con­sumer Dis­putes Board

Hämeentie 3 B, PL 306, 00531 Helsinki

Tel. +358 100 86330 (switchboard)

Before taking a matter to the Con­sumer Dis­putes Board, please get in touch with the Consumer Advisory Services (

 The European Commission has developed a dispute resolution methods to be used outside courts. This gives customers the opportunity to resolve a dispute regarding online orders without having to go to court. The platform is available at

Our service is valid until further notice once you have made your first application through us. You can terminate the service whenever you wish by emailing our customer service at 

Contact us if you realise you have made an error in your application. We will fix it and forward the new details to our partners.

These terms do not limit your statutory rights under the Consumer Protection Act. Preliminary information about the Sortter service have been provided in accordance with Finnish law. 

Sortter is supervised by the Consumer Ombudsman and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority ( 

Sortter Oy

Bulevardi 21, 00180 Helsinki

Phone: 09 8566 5550


These Terms will enter into force on 12 January 2021 and will remain valid until further notice.

In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions published in Finnish within this website shall prevail.