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Sortter seeks the best loan offers from reliable banks and financial institutions. With a single application, you will get a loan offer from all our partners. By default, we arrange your loan offers in order of affordability based on the annual percentage rate of interest. Once you have found a suitable loan, you can withdraw a loan easily through Sortter. Getting loan offers is safe and simple, and you do not need collateral or guarantors.

Sortter’s partner banks and credit providers

Our partners include some 20 banks and credit providers. When you need a loan, you can get competitive tenders from them through our service. See below for a list of the loan providers that can make your dreams come true. They will send you tailored loan offers through the Sortter comparison service.

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The loan period can be 1–15 years, the loan sum can be €1,000–€60,000, and the interest rate can be 4–20%. Example: If the loan sum is €14,000, the interest rate is 6 %, and the repayment period is 8 years, the setup fee is €0, the account management fee is €5/month, the monthly repayment is €189, the sum repayable is €18,142, and the annual percentage rate of interest is 6,94 %.
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Where can I get loan quickly and securely?

When you need a loan right away, the easiest way is to apply for an unsecured loan, because the processing is very quick. You will get a loan decision quickly, and the money will be paid to your account very soon – maybe even the same day. Unsecured loan is available for up to 60,000 euros. You can use the money as you like – pay for a renovation, or buy a car, holiday or new furniture.

Banks and financial institutions working with Sortter are safe credit providers. We choose our partners carefully so that you can get competitive tenders through us without having to worry, and we provide this service for free. The loan agreement will always be made between you and your selected bank or financing company.

One application, and you get several loan offers

Our service is free and you get loan offers from dozens of banks and financing companies. It is always worth asking for offers for loans, because the interest rate and costs vary considerably from one credit provider to the next, and these can vary quickly, even during a single month.

By selecting a cheap loan you can save up to thousands of euros. Our customers saved an average of 1,682 euros in 2023 by asking for tenders through us. The calculation was made in April-May 2023 by comparing the cheapest and most expensive loan offers. The applied loan sum was 8,000–10,000 euros.

All you have to do is fill in a single loan application, and you will receive all loan providers’ offers clearly listed in order of price, on the basis of the annual percentage rate. All prices are presented transparently, with no hidden costs. You can compare the loan prices and select any loan, maybe the one from a credit provider you prefer, or simply the cheapest one.

Make the loan providers compete over you

In the Sortter service, the loan providers are competing against each other to get you as their customer, by offering lower and lower costs and interest rates. You decide which offer you want to pick and how long the repayment period will be. However, filling in a loan application and asking for loan offers does not bind you to anything. You can sign a loan agreement of your choice if you find a good one.

You can apply for a loan through Sortter if you are at least 20 years old, live in Finland and have no payment defaults. You must also have a regular earned income or a pension. That’s all.

Getting competitive loan tenders through Sortter – compare loan offers from banks and financing companies

Comparing loans is easy through Sortter. The top item on the list is always the cheapest, with interest rates and costs clearly itemised, too, according to the annual percentage rate. Our customers' interest is the most important thing to us. We follow the principles of fair loan comparison and make sure that you get the most affordable loan offers in our comparison.

Fill in a loan application and the sum you need, and compare the offers provided by banks and financing companies. If you find a suitable alternative, sign the loan agreement. The money will be paid into your account very quickly – sometimes even on the same day!

Frequently asked questions

  • Sortter is a Finnish loan comparison service. Our partners include a number of banks and financing companies that offer cheap loans to private customers through our service. Submit a loan application through our website to get loan offers from credit providers.

  • Various banks and financial institutions offer unsecured consumer credit and flexible credit through the Sortter service. You can apply for a loan for up to 60,000 euros. You can decide freely how you use the money. We accept people aged at least 20 living in Finland with a regular salary or pension income.

  • Send a loan application through Sortter. With a single application, you will get dozens of loan offers from various banks and financing companies. It only takes a few minutes to submit a loan application, and loan offers tailored to you are quick and easy to view.

  • We always present loan offers clearly in price order, with the cheapest option at the top. Take your time to study the loan offers to decide whether you want to go for the cheapest one or perhaps one from your own bank and a financing company you are familiar with. Asking for tenders does not bind you in any way, you can decide once you have seen the offers.

  • Sign the loan agreement conveniently with your bank credentials. The loan agreement is to be made between you and your selected bank or financing company. Depending on the credit provider, you will have the money on your account a no more than two days, often during the same day.