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The loan period can be 1–15 years, the loan sum can be €1,000–€60,000, and the interest rate can be 4–20%. Example: If the loan sum is €20,000, the interest rate is 6 %, and the repayment period is 4 years, the setup fee is €0, the account management fee is €5/month, the monthly repayment is €475, the sum repayable is €22,786, and the annual percentage rate of interest is 6,74 %.
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Compare loans easily

Do you need a loan? Do you want to spend less on loan servicing by obtaining more competitive terms for your existing loans or credit? We will search for personal loan offers for you from every bank and financial institution in our network. 

Our service makes it easy to obtain competitive quotes from banks: all you have to do is send a single application and then compare loan offers in a fair, unbiased way without any small print. All the important information about the loan offers is shown clearly, including the loan sum and the costs of the loan, broken down into the interest rate, the annual percentage rate of interest, and any other bank charges. The offers we present to you will also include all other relevant information, such as the option for a certain number of interest-only payment months. 

There is no charge for comparing loans and obtaining competitive loan offers from banks. We recommend taking out the cheapest possible loan, but we leave the choice to you. As a user of our service, you decide which offers to accept. When you have found a suitable loan, our service also makes it easy to take out the loan.

We hope you enjoy using our loan comparison service, and we hope we can help you find an affordable loan!

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Further information about loan comparison

Comparing loans reveals the differences between banksLoan offers are always personalFind affordable loans and consumer credit quickly by using a loan comparisonConsolidation of debtOur comparison is an easy, secure way to find the best loanLoan with a co-applicant

Comparing loans reveals the differences between banks

Loan interest rates vary constantly, and there can be differences between banks. For this reason, it makes sense to compare loans regularly, so you do not need to pay any more than necessary for the financing you use.

It is free to compare loans using the Sortter comparison service, and you are not obliged to sign a loan contract when you request offers. You can check the interest rates and loan conditions offered by banks and financial institutions right away and take your time to decide whether to accept a loan or not. 

The comparison shows all the loan costs in a simple breakdown. We always recommend that our customers choose the lowest annual percentage rate of interest on their loans, as this is the rate of interest that includes all the loan costs. If you prefer, you can arrange the loan offers according to different criteria, such as loans with the lowest monthly payment or the lowest headline interest rates.

Loan offers are always personal

Banks almost always price their loans individually for each customer. A reliable way to compare loans is to request personal offers from lenders. The better the bank’s evaluation of your repayment ability, the cheaper the loan offer will be. 

Sortter takes care of time-consuming bank comparisons for you. By comparing competitive loan offers on our service, you can receive loan offers tailored to your circumstances from dozens of lenders. When you use our service, all you need to do is choose the best loan offer for your needs.

Find affordable loans and consumer credit quickly by using a loan comparison

Obtaining and comparing competitive loan offers will save you time and money. Our comparisons will help you reach dozens of banks and financial institutions in just a few minutes, and you can compare loans with complete transparency. 

Consolidating loans, financing renovations, and buying a car or a boat are the most popular uses for unsecured loans. It is our job to help you find financing on the best possible terms, whatever you are borrowing for. Our service enables you to apply for a loan and compare unsecured loans and consumer credit in an instant. 

Select the amount you would like to borrow and the loan period, and then send the application. You will receive loan decisions from all the banks in the comparison, and in some cases, it only takes a few minutes. Then, you can take your time to look through the loan offers and the conditions proposed by the banks. Select the best loan conditions from the comparison and sign a loan agreement securely using your online banking ID. 

The loan agreement will be between you and your selected lender, and when it is signed, the lender will transfer the money to your account. You will then pay the loan back at the agreed monthly rate to the bank or financial institution that granted it. 

Consolidation of debt

You can take out a consolidated loan to replace your existing dept, credit or part-payments and pay them off sooner. If you have one or more loans to pay back and you want to replace them with credit on better terms, we can help you obtain competitive offers from banks for loan consolidation

Comparing loans could save you hundreds or even thousands of euros when you refinance your old loan agreements on better terms. Take control of your loan expenses and consolidate your loans into a single, affordable payment plan.

Our comparison is an easy, secure way to find the best loan

Sortter is a Finnish loan comparison service that is always free to use. We want to make it easy and secure to find an affordable loan. Our comparison service is one of the most comprehensive in Finland – we have more than 20 lenders in our network. This means you can obtain loan offers from up to dozens of banks and financial institutions.

We can help you compare loans quickly, and we always show loan offers in a fair way, without the small print. 

Our comparison makes it easy to find the best loan because we show the following details about each loan offer:

  • Loan amount: the amount the bank has offered to lend
  • Loan period: the repayment schedule
  • Monthly instalment: the amount you pay each month
  • Annual interest rate: the nominal interest rate on the loan
  • Setup fee: the charge for arranging the loan
  • Account management fee: the invoicing fee the bank charges every month
  • Annual percentage rate of interest: the interest rate that includes all the loan costs 
  • Amount to be repaid: the total sum of the borrowed capital and the loan costs

We recommend that our customers choose the loan with the lowest annual percentage rate of interest. We operate completely impartially, and we do not favour any of our partners. We want to make it easy for you to find the best loan on our service. 

Our service has been built in compliance with the strictest information security practices, and it operates in a completely encrypted environment. With our help, it is free and quick to compare the terms of bank loans.

Loan with a co-applicant

Did you know that you can apply for a loan with a co-applicant? Co-applicants are usually spouses, cohabitant partners, or other relatives. However, the co-applicant does not need to live at the same address as the main applicant.

When you apply for a loan with a co-applicant, you can receive a larger loan sum at a lower interest rate than when you apply alone. This is because banks and financial institutions consider the risk of lending to be lower when there are two applicants. Consequently, the repayment of the loan is more certain with two applicants than it is with one.

However, it is good to know that the co-applicant will be just as liable for the repayments as the main applicant.


  • Possible to borrow a larger sum
  • Interest rate likely to be lower

Frequently asked questions about loan comparisons

There can be major differences in the loan costs – in other words, the interest rates and handling fees – between banks. You can save hundreds or even thousands of euros over the loan period by comparing loans carefully before you sign an agreement.

Before you compare loans, it is a good idea to find out how the comparison is made. Comparisons are only useful if they are comprehensive enough and the customer receives personal loan decisions from banks and other lenders. The best loan comparison is the one that puts the customer’s interests first and recommends the cheapest loan available. When you compare loans using Sortter, you will see all the conditions the bank sets for the loan with a clear breakdown, and the comparison is always based on personal loan offers made for you. As a user of our service, you can rest assured that our recommendation will be the least expensive loan offer we can find.

Loans should be compared according to the annual percentage rate of interest. The annual percentage rate includes all the charges related to the loan, and it is the comparable figure between banks. When you select a loan offer based on the annual percentage rate, you can be sure that your chosen loan is better value than the other options.

It only takes a few minutes to compare loans. All you need to do is fill in one loan application, and you will receive loan offers from banks and financial institutions. Then, you can choose the most affordable option. Sortter is a quick and simple way of comparing loans.

The loan application includes questions about the loan and your personal finances, such as: • The loan sum required • The desired loan period • The applicant’s personal details • The applicant’s regular income and expenses • The type of housing and employment status • The applicant’s existing debts and credit cards Complete the application carefully so that banks can make you the best possible offers.

You should compare old loan agreements and obtain competitive offers regularly. As a consumer, you can pay off your existing loan earlier than agreed and replace it with a loan on better terms. This can save you money in loan interest or handling fees, leaving more money in your pocket.