Statistics on the application of unsecured loans, credit decisions, interest rates, loan sums and loan periods

Are you looking for statistics on the loan sums, load periods or applicants for unsecured consumer loans applied for in Finland? Are you perhaps interested in credit decisions made and interest rates offered by Finnish banks and financial institutions? With our public statistics, all of this and a lot more will be freely available to you.

Loan application and credit decision statistics freely available

We offer free statistics on unsecured consumer loans and consumer credit, and credit decisions made by Finnish banks and financial institutions.

The information has been extracted from the loan comparison service of Finnish company Sortter, consisting of loan applications submitted in Finland through Sortter, and the credit decisions of Finnish banks and financial institutions offering unsecured consumer loans and consumer credit. These banks and financial institutions number approximately 20. Data is available from the beginning of 2020. The statistics are updated monthly, and you can filter the number of credit decisions on the basis of filters you have chosen.

Content and usage of material

  • The first tab of the material includes the following information:

    • Loan applicants by age group
    • Loan applicants by income group
    • Loan applicants by occupational group
    • Percentage of loan applications approved

    The second tab has more detailed information about the applied loan and credit decisions:

    • Average applied loan period (months)
    • Average applied loan sum (€)
    • Annual interest rate offered by banks and financial institutions (%)*
    • Annual percentage rate offered by banks and financial institutions (%)*

    *Interest rates offered by banks and financial institutions are presented according to the cheapest alternative we have found.

  • You can filter information with the filters at the top of the report:

    • Use the Period filter to select the period you wish to view
    • Sum applied determines the range of loan sums
    • Use the Age groups filter to view information about people of a specific age
    • Use the Occupational groups filter to view selected occupational groups
    • The Income group filter to view loan applicants in specific income groups

Statistics on consumer credit applicants and credit decisions

Please note that when using the statistics, this web page must be quoted as the source.

Finnish based service Sortter focuses on loan comparison

Sortter is a Finnish loan comparison service. We compare loan offers for our customers and find offers from credit providers that best meet our customers’ loan sum and loan period.

We cooperate with some 20 Finnish banks and financial institutions, requesting an individual credit decision for our customers. We present the loan offers in order of price, cheapest first, on the basis of annual percentage rate, and present all necessary information in an easily readable format.

Research and surveys

Research and surveys

We carry out research and surveys continuously, because we want to develop the credit market in a more transparent direction.
Fair operation

Fair operation

We are always on our customer’s side, working in the best interest of consumers.
Transparent operating methods

Transparent operating methods

Our operation is based on transparency and our presentation of key credit terms is clearly and we provide them in an easy-to-understand format.

Sortter in the media

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Customer service contact information

You can contact our customer service by email or by calling during customer service opening hours.

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Frequently asked questions about loan statistics

  • We receive numerous contacts from the media and research institutes, and in the past, we compiled the necessary data on a case-by-case basis. With the aid of these public statistics, you can get the information you are looking for more quickly and easily. Moreover, transparency is one of the principles of our fair loan comparison.

    Please contact us if you need access to customised statistics on applying for consumer credit or the related credit decisions, in addition to this report. 

  • We request a customised loan decision for the user from all our partners. We arrange the credit offers in order of affordability based on the annual percentage rate. We display all the necessary terms and conditions on the offers in a legible format so that it is easy to compare the offers. You can read more about the principles governing our service here.

  • The annual percentage rate refers to the overall cost of the loan or credit. In addition to the nominal interest rate, the annual percentage rate includes other costs related to the loan, such as a setup fee and monthly processing or invoicing fees.

  • Yes, you can. The material is freely available to everyone. However, please follow the relevant citation practices and indicate this site as the source of the statistics. We can also provide more comprehensive statistics upon request. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more comprehensive statistics.